Ramagya believes that the safety, security and well-being of our students is one of the major areas of our attention, and are of paramount importance to us. The school makes sure that children and their families can rest assured with the fact that students are safe and secure within the campus. Parents are informed about the arrival of their children in the school by way of text messages which are successfully delivered once the child reaches the school premises. This is not all!

• The school has a state of the art and advanced in-house medical facility which is headed by qualified medical practitioners and physicians.
• Various health camps as well as blood donation camps are organized at the school from time to time.
• The students also undergo full body checkups and are provided with timely vaccinations to ensure a healthy and safe environment at the school.
• In order to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the students, the school does not provide any kind of junk food or aerated drinks to the children.
• All the rooms are cleaned regularly through steam cleaning, which makes sure that a truly germ free and sanitized environment is maintained within the school always.
• The school also has tie-up arrangements with Kailash Hospital, which ensures the provision of quick and a wide range of medical services.
• Pest control and management is also exercised at the school intermittently to ensure clean & hygienic ambience devoid of any health threats.
• The toilets have special disinfectant sprays installed so as to avoid the spreading of diseases by killing the germs on contact.
• Constant surveillance at the main gate along with an advanced gate lock.
• Stringent measures implemented at various places, the safety of the students is ensured, at all times.
• No visitor can enter the school premises without providing accurate personal information.
• The school has more than 200 CCTVs installed at various locations within and outside the school premises to keep a vigil on every entity.


What parents say about us

Ramagya School encourages kids to be resourceful, kind and compassionate, not just intellectual.

-Balraj Singh parent of Surya Baisoya Class KG D

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