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Investiture ceremony



Date: 14.08.2013

Venue: Ramagya School

Ramagya School, Noida organised its Investiture Ceremony to instill leadership qualities in students. Chief guest Mr Khandoori the eminent educationist ,along with the and the Principal Ms Shweta Mishra , Head mistress Anupama Sinha handed over the badges and sashes to the new members of the students council.

The chief guest administered an oath to the appointees. Himanshu Sharma and Chitra Awana took an oath as the Head boy and Head girl for the senior wing respectively while Pratul Jain and Aashi Yadav took oath for the Junior wing. Principal administered an oath to the members of the council.

Chief guest motivated students to discharge their duties with zeal, dedication and strived to be role models.



The much awaited Winter Carnival, hosted by Ramagya School, Noida, finally unfolded on 23 December 2012. Held every year with great enthusiasm, fun and frolic, it is eagerly looked forward to by all. Not only was it a wonderfully warm, family-friendly, winter event, but a great way to raise money for a cause – a means to raise money to be donated to the orphanage.

The day was indeed a fun filled one with mouthwatering eatables, games, exciting prizes and above all a gala time with friends and dear ones. A throng of people from in and around visited the carnival as it was open to all.
The carnival was inaugurated by the honourable Chairman, Mr. Sanjay Gupta and dynamic Manager, Mrs. Rajni Gupta. They were astounded at the marvelous efforts put in by the staff and students of the school.
The concept was pretty simple, but it was a large undertaking that needed a lot of volunteers. The games stalls of classes III to X included Lucky Corner, Ringing the Bottle, Fishy Coins, Breaking the Pyramid, Shooting, Crown the alphabets, Stumps-off and many more.
The Talent Show with its myriad fields like dance, instrumental music, best out of waste, mehandi art, card making and many more, was indeed enthralling. The costumes of fairies, princesses, typical Indian attires and the like were showcased. The Baby Show was the limelight of the carnival. All eyes were glued to the stage as cute and bubbly babies made their appearance.




Sports is the preserver of health.

These words of Hippocrates were borne in our mind on this day as we celebrated the Annual Sports meet 2012.
The programme commenced with the welcoming of the Chief Guest Mr.M.K.S Sundaram (District Magistrate, Noida) along with the guests of honour Ms. Rita Badauriya (deputy commissioner, Labour Court), Mr. Pushp Raj Singh (City magistrate) Mr. Karan Singh Chauhan (Dy. Chief Executive officer, Noida), Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh (Dy. Chief Executive Officer, Noida), Mr. Jitender Mani (Dy. Commissioner of Delhi Police) and Mr. D. B. Malik (General Manager, Inst/Infra)  by the school management followed by a welcome song.
The marking of the Sports day was by the March past of all the four Houses i.e Gandhi house, Indra house, Sarojini house and Tagore house. The chief guest then lit the ceremonial torch and the highly enthusiastic students took the oath with pride.  Soon after the sky was filled with colourful balloons with RAMAGYA name marked ,were released to declare the meet open,  symbolizing the start of sports events.
The words of Chief Guest carried the message for students to be playful in the grounds and his provoking words conveyed the importance of participation when compared to that of being winner. He also outlined briefly the value of sports and games in a student’s life and the possibilities of career options in this field.
The tiny tots of Ramagya demonstrated an energetic dance in patriotic fervor. The mind blowing events which comprised of Pom-Pom , Circus, Mass PT, disc drill, Yoga, karate, Aerobics , and lezium  had the students exhibiting their innate ability with  great care and  enthusiasm that engrossed all the onlookers.
The martial art dance form, Karipayatu and the pageant of colours depicting various formations like pyramid, peacock, rath, chakra and waves by the senior group grabbed the attention of the audience and added on to the joyful spectators of this extravaganza as they saw students displaying their dexterity and elegance with complete perfection. And even those students who remain quite passive in the class were seen so confidently leading others in the field.
Other athletic events  included balloon bursting race(grade 1), school going race (grade 2), sack race (grade 3), three legged race (grade 4), lemon spoon race (grade 5 girls), banana eating race (grade 5 boys), 50 to 200mt races with the evolving champions standing apart for their reward.




 In an emotionally surcharged atmosphere within the premises of Ramagya School, the students, staff and management of the school bid adieu to Grade XII students of 2013 batch, at a grand farewell function held on 28 January 2013. The chief guests- honourable Chairman - Mr. Sanjay Gupta,Manager- Mrs. Rajni Gupta and Principal- Mrs. Shweta Mishra graced the occasion through their presence.

The event was organized under the guidance of the Principal and the management. A number of events were organized to mark this nostalgic moment which would go down the memory lane of the outgoing students in the years to come. The programme commenced with welcoming of Grade XII students. Then the students and teachers of Grade XI presented a set of cultural programs for the students of Class XII. Through their fantabulous performances, they not only entertained them, but also wished them good luck for their future. Thereafter, the Head Boy and the Head Girl extended a vote of thanks. 

The highlight of the function was the crowning of ‘Ms. Ramagya – VIDUSHI SHARMA of Grade XII B and Mr Ramagya – SHIVANG MAMGAIN of Grade XII A. Apart from these, there were other Complementary titles given to some of the students who fascinated the audience through their charm, smile and charisma. In the special recognition awards category, few more students were appreciated and recognized due to their support and all round efforts during the school tenure. Each student was given a title to add fun to the show.

A slide show presentation was widely appreciated and brought tears to many present. The presentation was recollection of sweet memories of their school days. It reminded them of their yesteryears and home away from home. The programme came to an end with a touching nostalgic memories & well wishes by  the teachers of Grade XII. It was a reminiscence of the time they spent with these students, the various ups and down and failures and success experienced with them. In turn the students thanked the teachers for their endearing efforts in shaping up their destiny and for being there when it mattered. Thereafter, the Candle round marked the end of the event with the blessings of almighty and the students took the blessings of their teachers for a successful life ahead.




Date: 02.03.2012

Venue: Auditorium

An orientation programme for the parent of new entrants was organized . It apprised the parents about the integrated milestone development and the curriculum .

The programme commenced with  Saraswati Vandana  followed by a welcome speech delivered by our revered Principal  , A dazzling fusion dance performance was  presented by the Pre-Primary kids, students of kindergarten also in acted and showcased different activities : dance , music, Art & craft , Aerobics, swimming , cookery, and Karate conducted in the school.

Dr. Shalini Jaiswal, Head Mapel Bear, India and Bangladesh enlightened .the parent on the various intelligence present in the children.

The school counselor, Dr.Shewta Singh upraised the parents on positive parenting and gave excellent tips on readiness to the school. The workshop concluded with presentation on ‘ Allergies’ by Dr. Harpal Singh.



“A community divided is a nation divided
A community united is a nation enlightened"

Ramagya firmly believes in the National Integration provoking thought and has always strived to inculcate the same in its students along with the feeling of oneness and strengthening the bond of brotherhood. To take this cause forward, Ramagya observed the ‘Communal Harmony’ week with utmost sincerity and in true spirit.

Throughout the week various activities were organized  promoting Communal Harmony in the gen next, ranging from thought provoking speeches to innovative Pamphlet making, impact making Slogan writing and articles highlighting the Importance of Communal Harmony. All were motivating and inspiring and  reinforced in the young Ramagyans - the fact, that all are fruits of the same tree i.e. OUR INDIA.

The promotion of this social cause did not confine only to school premises but fanned out to roads and Chaurahas of Noida. The Principal sent the students of senior classes to help performing the most difficult task of manning the traffic at the Red light of City Centre Metro Station. It afforded them the opportunity, to make the general public understand the importance of adhering to traffic rules, following the road discipline and observing the road safety. This was made possible only by the kind courtesy of the elite police force of The SP Traffic, Noida, which educated our students, on the above aspects by way of a highly professional presentation and briefing.

The week finally concluded with a Marathon –‘ A Road Race’, where to portray their solidarity, the students of Ramagya and their parents, participated in the 5 Km long run from School to Noida Stadium. It was a great moment full of joy and pride for all, when the race was flagged off by the manager of school Mrs Rajni Gupta, the Chairman Mr Sanjay Gupta & the Principal , and giving moral support to students by running with them with the same enthusiasm and zeal. The participation by each and every one was overwhelming and proved to all that Unity is Strength and it is a land of Mahatma Gandhi where all live in harmony enjoying equal rights and freedom.



The third consecutive adventure camp was held in the premises of Ramagya on 12th Nov ‘11 for the students of classes Pre-Nursery to IV.

“Ramagya” has a clearly defined set of values and these are embedded within all the activities that are performed .The students are encouraged to think out of the box, empowered with skills like leading and working in a team and a healthy spirit of competition is instilled in them.

Adventure activities help to develop life skills, muscular co-ordination and strength. It’s an exploration of oneself, of discovering capacities and exploring new competencies.

The adventure camp was conducted by a team of professionals from ‘Rocksport’. The students were exposed to a range of adventure activities. The day started with the morning assembly, where an origami session was presented and the students learnt easy and simple ways of art of paper folding.

The enthusiastic campers were divided into different groups via - white tigers, black cats, commandoes etc. each lead by an instructor and teacher in charges. As the day progressed, the student campers spurted with confidence and enthusiastically participated in each activity.

Zorbing, rock climbing, commando net, vertical ladder, commando crawl, Hop Scotch, Burma bridge, three tier hurdle etc were the major events of the camp. The children also had hands on experience of pottery and enjoyed making diyas and small pots.



14th Nov 2011

Children’s Day of 2011 was a memorable day for the students of Ramagya. An overnight Camp was organised for them amidst the beauty of Arravalli Ranges, 55 Km away from the school. A camp which was full of fun and frolic exposed the Ramagyans to a world which   was new to them. A world where survival tactics were imbibed by the students in an informal ambience. The dark night, make shift tents stretched in the lush green ground looked enchanting. The students away from home, taking care of their belongings displayed their ability of being adaptive to the demand and challenges of a camp. What better place and way to teach the young Ramagyans the survival tactics? The sound of the jackal also could not mar the boundless energy seen in the students who throughout the night stayed awake with a feeling of being one in the wilderness.

The adventurous activities the next morning began with Rock Climbing, and were followed by various physical endurance oriented exercises, learning skills of pottery making and concluded with the rides on Camel and tractor. The thrilling activities empowered the students to imbibe self confidence, shoulder more responsibility, enhance physical and mental endurance and taught them the team spirit, social and emotional skills for life.

The bonfire and the dance session at night motivated the students to make new friends and facilitated them to overcome the feeling of home sickness. 

The Principal’s vision of providing life skills education through experiential learning was indeed very fruitful, in equipping and preparing the young Ramagyans to face the challenges of their adult years. The twenty six hours of experience for the students was not only confined to life skills education but was a through and through entertainment for all, rejuvenating them to take on the fresh responsibilities of school.

8th August, 2011

Ramagya School recently organized its investiture ceremony in the school premises. In order to imbibe the spirit of leadership, the students from the primary classes Yeshika and Naman were appointed as junior head girl and head boy whereas Rashi Bhardwaj and Jordon Tamang took over as the head girl and head boy of the school.

The entire prefectorial board consisting of house captains, discipline incharges, vice-captains, media incharges and all others took oath in front of the symbolic mashal to always safe guard and shoulder the responsibilities before the self in the school.

The Principal of the school  eloquently manifested the sense of commitment in the students and emphasized upon the feeling of empathy which each member of the student council should always carry forward their school mates. She urged the student community to perfectly blend the responsibility with accountability and authority which symbolizes the school student council.

The ceremony concluded with an exhilarating dance performance & a song presentation “Hum honge kamyab” by the school choir. The elated students were seen very keen about their badges and sashes and why not, after all they are the real treasures to behold.


The Summer Camp at Ramagya School once again provided the students of various age groups from different schools an opportunity to connect to a new society and to retain the skills and information acquired in their own schools.

Summer breaks as per a recent study has proved that such long breaks of inactivity disrupt the development of the children and hampers their learning process.

Thus for the children and parents the Summer Camps at Ramagya are a boon as they boost up the learning abilities of the young minds.

The Camp has a lot to offer the children who are emphatically searching for new experiences and thus this tacit arrangement between the parents and children re-affirms Ramagya’s quest for connecting to a larger community.

Plethoras of activities are customized to afford opportunities to different levels of children in the areas of their interest.

Abacus helped in honing their mathematical skills thereby boosting up the confidence of the children in solving sums.

Science Experiments gave the students a platform to be analytical in their approach. , Computers enhanced their IT skills; Creative English introduced them to the nuances of communication skills and provided them ample opportunities to overcome their fear of public speaking.

The fun activities like Art & Craft & Cooking unveiled their creativity and culinary skills. The activity most sought after was, swimming to beat the heat of May/ June. Dance, Karate, Music, Skating was the other activities popular among the students. Ramagya, in cool, comfortable and competent environment housed all activities under one roof where children could spend their vacation with loads of fun and edutainment.

Well, it was a month well spent. Educative, entertaining and the most important aspect was to prepare the students to get back to regular school fully refreshed with new vigour.

Art & Craft exhibition held on 18th June 2011 was highly appreciated by the parent community. They said the teacher connects and competence was quite felt through the summer camp.

Ramagya looks forward to such great opportunities in future too.



Ramagya celebrated its Annual Concert with lot of zest. The Chief Guest Ms.Atiya Zaidi, Publisher, Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. graced the occasion. The theme being ‘Save Girl Child’ made it different from the other Annual Days. The Principal’s policy of no child left behind was visible that evening. Each and every student was involved in this concert. The Pre Primary wing Ramagya Blossoms was also seen on stage dancing to peppy numbers and mesmerized the audience with their performance. The theme when introduced ‘Save Girl Child’ by the fairies created a somber environment. The audience throughout the 2 ½ hours of the show were kept entertained. The theme through different dance drama sequences beautifully conveyed the message that as responsible individuals in this progressive society it is everyone’s duty to make all efforts to eradicate such evils of society and remember a girl or a boy both have been created by God and God has given everyone the right to live with dignity and honor.

The message that Ramagya wanted to spread to the society ‘A girl is like a flower to be nurtured’ was well taken by the audience. The Principal  had conceived the theme seeing the plight of girls in our society.

All performances were spectacular but the performance of the sequence ‘Durga’ was outstanding and breathtaking which forced the Chief Guest Ms.Atiya Zaidi and the Manager Ma’am Mrs.Rajni Gupta to walk upto the stage and appreciate the performers. The audience appreciated every bit of the Annual Concert and had lot of praises for the program which was flawless and the emotional end left the audience spell bound.

The exhibition of talent that was seen on the stage of Ramagya was indeed a moment to savor and enjoy.

Ramagya in true sense proved that it is a school for the children, of the children and by the children. The joy on the faces of the children portrayed the teaching and learning at Ramagya and exhibited the vision of Principal and the efforts of mentors.

The Chairman Mr.Sanjay Gupta and the Manager of School Management committee Mrs.Rajni Gupta with their love and affection appreciated the students for their performances.





The dance drama sequences portraying the theme ‘Save Girl child’ conceived by Principal  was applauded by the audience. The hypnotic dances by the tiny tots of Pre Primary wing Ramagya Blossoms mesmerized the crowd. The sequence ‘Durga’ with its intense dance and expression left all spell bound. The Chairman Mr.Sanjay Gupta and the Manager of School Management committee Mrs.Rajni Gupta with their love and affection appreciated the students for their performances.


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