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Ramagya  believes in  the  proverb’ All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Hence the students at Ramagya are given ample opportunities to develop their endurance,  spirit  to  regain  their vigor,  vitality  and enthusiasm to help them concentrate more on studies.

Sports are indispensable for the all round development of the youngsters. It is rightly said that” The battle of waterloo was won on the playgrounds of Eton.”


The shooting range recently set up at Ramagya School has brought back the Indian Traditional sport inside the premises of the school for the budding shooter.At Ramagya school, we have a 10 metres shooting range where the beginners are first trained with Air-Rifles and then at an advanced stage with Air-Pistols.

We have certified coaches for shooting who have trained players of international and national level and even won gold medal in CWG.


Swimming is one such sport which perhaps originated in the pre-historic times as a survival skill, has now gained prominence all over as a useful as well as a recreational activity.

The Swimming Pool at the Ramagya School caters for the needs of individualís making swimming a pleasant, relaxing and an enjoyable activity. The school has a well maintained and a hygienic pool both for the adults as well as for the toddlers.

Our coaches are well certified from YMCA recognized club and won various National/district level swimming comptetions

splash pool

semi Olympic pool


Karate is a sport practiced unarmed. Though it requires intense physical training to develop the fighting skills, yet it is valued by all be it; male or a female.This martial art of Japan has gained popularity now in India as a sport and a self defense mechanism.

Students follow with sincerity and practice with the dedication to learn the skills of karate. As a sport it helps in developing a strong character and builds a deep feeling of respect towards fellow beings, which is very vital in life.

We at Ramagya have tie-ups with well qualified karate trainers who have been acclaimed at various districts/National level competitions.

Horse Riding

At Ramagya school horse riding, apart from being an effective health therapy, also provides a wonderful and thrilling experience to all. The horses here are well trained, easy to handle and specially schooled to respond to the beginners. The qualified and certified instructors teach the techniques of riding a horse. The riders here are exposed to the attitude and sensitivity required towards horses with the physical skills needed to be a confident rider.


Cricket, now termed as the unofficial national sport of India has become the religion for everyone. It has got an old history associated with its existence in the country. The oldest references for this sport in India can be dated as early as the year 1725 when some sailors played a friendly match at a seaport in Kutch. Indian cricket team has many remarkable victories to its credit.

We have a professional & experienced coach,from the famous Sumeet Dogra Cricket Academy.He has played for the Indian railways Rangi team and also participated in Kings XI Punjab, with a winnerís medal from the Coco cola cup, Karnataka.

Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight, hollow back and forth using table tennis rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net.

Lot of enthusiasm can be seen in the players at the school for this exciting game, and it is one of the most popular indoor sports in the school.


Tennis, an Olympic sport is been played at all ages here in our school. We have two Tennis Courts made from the finest clay and been made according to our specifications to provide maximum comfort and playability for the learning skills of this sport. The courts are suitable for Intermediate as well as advanced level players and even for the corporate professionals who wish to unwind after a day at the office.

Our coach is trained from the famous United State of Professional Tennis Registry(USPTR) and also participated in IndiaN team federation. He has played in the district level championship and has done umpiring for the Paris Cup Tournaments.

Basket Ball

Basketball has proved to be instrumental in increasing the height of its players apart from being a good source of keeping fit. The strategy and tactics used to pull out the ball from the opponent needs a sharp brain which is imbibed in the players with practice. It is rigorous practice under the guidance of certified coached which has produced Basketball champions like Vishesh Bhriguvanshi.

We have national/district level, well qualified coaches with NIS certification.


Skating is an energetic sport displaying a lot of courage and passion amongst youngsters. It is the most popular sport amongst the youngsters who enjoy moving at speed on wheels. A roller Skating rink with floodlights and hand rails on the sides is been enjoyed by the beginners and advanced level skaters.

Our coach is a national level player,with a training from Windz Sports Foundation with medals in various open championships, to his credit.


Yoga is said to be a great way to overcome stress and is necessary for the overall improvement of health. With regular practice it brings a state of perfect spirituality and tranquility.

An ancient exercise form connecting the body with the soul has regained prominence in the Modern age.


While the modern game of Golf originated in the 15th century Scotland, the gameís ancient origins are unclear and much debated. Golf is a precision club and ball sport in which the competing golfers use many types of clubs to hit the ball into a series of holes on a golf course using the fewest number of strokes.

Our coaches are giving practice and teaching techniques to the golfers to aim with precision on the greens developed at Ramagya. A sport if started at an early age can produce many Tiger Woods and likes in our country.

Golf with practice can improve the power of concentration and the lateral thinking skills of an individual.


Regular practice of Aerobics is a great way of improving the flexibility of body, muscular strength and an amazing Cardio-vascular fitness. It is recommended for almost all age groups

Aerobics is a rhythmic physical exercise with stretching and strength gain training routines, aiming at improving all the elements of fitness


Ramagya School houses the best and the latest equipments with certified trainers for all age groups and various regimes. Our trainers have participated in various personality development competitions and activities with winning titles of Mr Uttar Pradesh & Mr Delhi, to their credits.

The trainers take care of everything right from cardio and weight trainings to fitness assessment and testing.