“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows” –Sydney J HarrisRamagya is a school with an aim to create a world of education that is way beyond the traditional methods of teaching.We believe in surpassing the ordinary… We believe in modernism!
Ramagya firmly believes in providing holistic and value based education. Founded in April 2005, the school has established itself as a leading Senior Secondary Schools in Noida. Ramagya School is well-equipped with the latest in the sphere of education and possesses a world class campus. We also offer international facilities like brain mapping – a unique, intellect testing device to identify and harness innate potential of each and every student.At Ramagya our constant effort are in the direction to encourage each and every child to learn and explore the world with their own imagination. Our motive is to give a boost to young minds so they can develop analytical reasoning, creative thinking and self- confidence at young age. The school offers an international platform with a perfect blend of technology, modern pedagogy, culture and innovation.Besides our main branch in Noida, we have three more well equipped branches in Ghaziabad, Dadri and Greater Noida too. Our experienced and trained staff members of the Senior School Wing as well as the Pre School wing in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad branches develop the individual inherent potentials and behavioral skills in the children to make them successful and responsible citizens.

Our Key Focus: Your Child’s Best Development


What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean – Isaac Newton

Well! The above quote by Sir Isaac Newton rightly justified the fact that the more you learn, the more you know. Learning is something that is infinite and so an individual always finds new things whenever he/she dive into the sea of learning.Education plays a vital role and holds an utmost position in one’s life. It’s a constant learning which comprises so many things from our day to day routine. Education is the process to develop character and virtues. An individual is always judged by the kind of life he lives and exercise. One can easily detect the difference in the life of a literate and illiterate person. And so education is the foremost feature required to attain healthy and peaceful lifestyle. An early introduction to quality education can lead an individual to a successful life.


  • At Ramagya, it is believed that for a holistic development of the students, careful attention towards each and every child is extremely important.
  • World Class Infrastructure and AC classrooms equipped with smart e-Boards
  • Fully equipped 3D Lab, Language Lab, Mathematics Lab, Social Studies Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Labs, Activity Rooms
  • Well stocked library with a separate fully wired resource center for project work
  • Advanced computer labs and career counseling by The Chopras– Grade IX onwards
  • An impressive Student Teacher Ratio of 25:1, and
  • Class sections are segregated on the basis of student’s learning ability that is deduced through dermatoglyphics.
  • An eclectic mix of faculty with years of industry and academic experience at national as well as international level
  • The curriculum is wide-ranging and based on core subjects,
  • Multiple Intelligence learning based teaching pedagogies and activity based curriculum.
  • Assistant teacher & maid in every Pre- Primary class
  • Teachers’ training by in house and guest faculty for up- gradation of skills and better knowledge of current teaching methodology
  • Free scholarship for meritorious students
  • Well structured, educational tours and Annual exchange programs with renowned schools abroad
  • Multi-cultural environment with foreign scholars
  • Co-educational with day care facilities & healthy meals
  • Co-curricular activities: Theatre, art and craft, IT, debating and declamation, performing arts, visual arts, vocal music, instrumental music (Indian and Western), creative writing, Indian and western dance, cooking, mathematics, NTSE, remedial, general awareness, science, yoga, karate, robotics and aero modeling and many more. We understand the importance of co-curricular activities and hence we have well equipped activity rooms for proper development of student’s talent so that our children become the market leaders of tomorrow.

ACADEMIC AFFILIATIONS – Creating a world of education, with a pedagogical shift!We, at Ramagya, believe in creating a world of education which is beyond the conventional.Affiliated to CBSE and CIE curriculum, Ramagya also has International Academic Collaborations with the following universities:

  • University of California, Riverside
  • The International Award for Young People (IAYP)
  • AFS Inter-Cultural Program
  • Goethe-Institute
  • Cambridge University


Brilliant Presence on World Known Platforms!

1. Ramagya is one of the top ten schools in Noida, and has successfully made its mark on various renowned platforms across the world.
2. Shiksha.com, a well-known portal and an initiative of the distinguished corporate group Info Edge, featured Ramagya School in its most visited web platform.3. Ramagya School also left its indelible mark in the education industry, by getting featured in one of the most popular newspapers of the nation – Hindustan Times.

4. Being an educational institution that not only focuses on providing academic skills to the students, but also focuses on their co-scholastic aspects, Ramagya School has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Schools of Noida- Ghaziabad Districts.

5. Received British Council Award for Nurturing global citizenship in students and enriching teaching and learning.

A school of excellence with international facilities…


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